Law enforcement professionals and accident investigators use MapScenes Forensic CAD.

MapScenes Forensic CAD 2013 is the most precise desktop forensic mapping software available in the world. This powerful and feature-rich program provides law enforcement professionals and accident reconstruction specialists, like you, with confidence that the evidence they present is precise, compelling, and irrefutable.

Produce scaled diagrams for use in court, creating a strong visual case for the prosecution or defense.

Input evidence collected at a crash or crime scene using data from evidence collection software to create detailed and accurate diagrams. Seamless integration with Evidence Recorder software ensures accurate diagrams, enabling investigators to testify on the specific "conditions and effects" of an incident with confidence.

For times when you need to demonstrate what really happened by creating an animation, you can always add the animation module.


Total Station Support

MapScenes communicates with and directly reads most common total station and data collector file formats.

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Evidence Integrity

MapScenes creates a separate, protected database file for your measurement data.

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Coordinate Calculations

In the forensic mapping software field, only MapScenes can calculate coordinates from your raw data.

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Powerful CAD Tools

MapScenes includes true 3D computer-aided drafting power.

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Crash and Crime Scene Symbols

MapScenes includes over 7,000 symbols specific to crash and crime scene mapping.

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AutoMAP System

The AutoMAP library files allow users to customize the way MapScenes draws automated linework and symbols.

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Drawing Utilities

MapScenes includes a number of utilities to speed up drawing tasks and enhance the final product.

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The MapScenes user interface is completely customizable to the user's needs.

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True 3D Drawing and Analysis

MapScenes features automatic surfaces, breaklines, cross-section/profiles, etc.

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Scene Analysis Tools

MapScenes includes calculators for a variety of crash reconstruction formulae.

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The world's BEST software options:

Forensic CAD has two optional add-on modules. Buy them with Forensic CAD, or purchase them at a later date, and you will be able to create powerful animations, and/or work with point cloud data.

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Learn more about the point cloud module

MapScenes Forensic CAD – A MapScenes power tool for the demanding professional. The power you need, when it's all on the line. Let's talk about how you can achieve an unparalleled level of precision. It's a lot easier than you may think.

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