...for evidence collection using mobile devices.

...for desktop forensic mapping & reconstruction.
...for compelling animated re-enactments.
...for extrapolating data & animating point clouds.
Designed exclusively for the professional forensic mapper and made to support more total stations
Most powerful drawing engine used by any forensic mapping solution with native .dwg file format

Extends animation capabilities to the Forensic CAD workspace. Extends point cloud processing capabilities to Forensic CAD. Can work in conjuction with the animation module.

Real-time graphical visualization and verification of the scene, at the scene
For new users and experts – easier-to-use drawing tools with increased flexibility, power, and speed

Industry's most advanced animation editor and viewer
Leading point cloud visualization tools enable you to walk around the scene as though you were there
Seamless scene integration with MapScenes desktop software
Extensive library of training movies and comprehensive help files
Allows you to create complex paths within the drawing that will dictate the travel paths of your animated objects

Line tools allow you to draw while in the point cloud view for extremely fast, yet accurate, linework
Protection against loss of critical data from power interruption
Powerful customization tools for program layout, symbols, and vehicle specifications
Only program available that allows you to easily create accurate, precise models based on the evidence you collected at the scene

Include the point cloud in your final animation for added realism with no extra effort
Autosaves in industry standard .dxf file format and TDS .raw format
IntelliCAD Explorer – easily manage key drawing attributes from one window
Vault Capabilities – Includes the industry's only vault-capable animation engine

Automatically generate surface models from point cloud data
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Evidence collection software designed to run on mobile devices & computers.
Forensic desktop computer mapping software.
The industry's most advanced animation software.
Analyze and build surfaces, drawings, and animations from point cloud data.