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Animation Editor and Viewer

Includes the industry's most advanced animation editor. The animation editor is the control panel on which you will find all the tools you need to accurately animate your objects and control their movement.

Animation Viewer

Once you've defined your parameters, you can view your animation in the industry's most advanced viewer. The viewer allows you to view your drawing and animation in ways not previously available to accident and forensic reconstructionists.

You can create and save camera views, control your animated objects, and navigate around the drawing with ease. Complex scenes render in seconds and even allow you to pan and rotate around the drawing while the animation is playing.

You can create extremely high-resolution image files, such as .bmp or .jpg files, directly from the rendering window. Once you are happy with the animation, you can finish your work by creating a high-resolution animation. Need a 16:9-ratio HD movie? No problem. Need a 4000x4000-pixel image for a 4-foot-square plot? We can do it.

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