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Timeline and Advanced Object Movement

Every animation is based on a sequence of events that happen at specific times.

The animation tool includes an advanced timeline control that not only allows you to dynamically view your animated objects by sliding the timeline dial, but also gives you a "bird’s eye" view of your entire animation.

The timeline helps you visualize the animated objects in relation to each other in the overall animation. You can slide the dial on the timeline to watch animated objects move either in the CAD window or in the animation player.


Precise Object Control

Capture is the only product that gives you precise control of your objects and cameras. Each object you animate is assigned its own tracks in the timeline for velocity, pitch, roll, direction, and visibility.

Unlike other products on the market that only allow you to control object movement on a segment basis, the animation module allows you to accurately control the movement at any point along the timeline, independent of the path you're following.

In the following example, notice that the vehicle's body pitches forward during braking. While this is a subtle effect, precise object movement like this is usually only available in expensive animation products such as 3D Studio Max.

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