"The Proof Is in the Pudding"

The samples on this page were created with the animation module. Until now, animations like this were only possible with expensive products such as 3D Studio Max. Enjoy!

Photo Animation

Use your actual scene photos to create dramatic animations like the one demonstrated to the right.

This tool gives you the ability to use photo masks to provide depth and realism to your animations. The 3D data measured at the scene was used to create an accurate 3D surface model along which the vehicle moves. When the photo is inserted and calibrated, the surface model layer is simply hidden from view.

Crime Scene Animation

In this animation, we demonstrate an interior crime scene reconstruction. The program can map materials onto objects or place bitmap graphics like posters or pictures onto the walls, and it makes transparencies easy.

Pedestrian Strike

In this example, we show you different levels of detail. You can make your animation as simple or as complex as you need.

If you don't find a symbol you need for your animation in our Symbol Library, don't worry; use the powerful CAD engine to build the objects you need.

Dramatic Model Recreation

MapScenes is the only accident reconstruction software program capable of advanced surface modeling. Many years of engineering and surveying software development enable us to add functionality beyond your expectations. So, when you need it – it's there for you.

This reconstruction was created using the power of MapScenes Forensic CAD with the animation module. The Jersey barriers, guardrails, and culvert were all drawn using the advanced 3D drawing tools built into MapScenes 2008. The topo was imported into MapScenes as a background and digitized into real coordinates. The system has the ability to create complex surface models in seconds. This kind of detailed, complex scene is only possible with MapScenes animation. See the urban legends page on this crash.

Animations have been added to this sample!


Multiple Animated Objects

The animation tool allows you to control unlimited objects in your animation. This is possible using the advanced timeline and track system.

In this example, there are five animated vehicles, one pedestrian, and two signal lights.

This animation is based on existing footage of an accident. To our amazement, the person run over in this animation actually survived!
We have included the original red light camera footage as a Picture in Picture movie.






Jogger View:











Second Pedestrian View:











Car Across Intersection View:

Complex Scene Example

In this example, you will see the power of the animation rendering engine.

This scene was built with MapScenes 2008 using data that was originally shot with Evidence Recorder 3.0.

Notice that this scene is not flat. A lot of animation products work fine
with flat (2D) data, but as soon as you have 3D data, they begin to show their weaknesses.

There are many objects in this scene that you will not find in generic symbol libraries. Most of the items you see, such as poles, signs, curbs, railings, and stairs, were all drawn to scale using MapScenes.

Can you do this with your current software?

Advanced Motion – Sample One

While this isn't a car wreck, it does show you just how much control you have with this program. Watch the wheels go over the speed bump; even the body pitches as the vehicle travels over the bump.

Notice how realistic this simple animation looks. Adding object behaviour like this is very simple with the animation module.

Advanced Motion – Sample Two

In this example, we demonstrate some advanced object control that is only available in our software.

Watch for the vehicle's body pitch during braking. And watch for the signal light changing from yellow to red.

Also includes animated camera movement that allows you to view your animations from many different perspectives.

Advanced Motion – Sample Three

This scene was constructed entirely in MapScenes, with everything drawn to scale.

This sample demonstrates just how much detail you can put into your animation. Watch as the vehicle hits the guard rail, then vaults into the air.

Confirm Your Results

Not only can you add realism to your animations, the software can help you verify your findings.

In this example, the driver reported that he could not see the cars stopped at the red light because he was following a large vehicle.

Does the animation prove him right or wrong? You be the judge.

Vault Capabilities

Includes vault calculations to help you with those tough "in the air" animations.