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Precision and Power of CAD

Your animation is only as accurate and precise as the drawing program used to create the scene or the model. The animation module is used with the most precise forensic CAD program available today – MapScenes Forensic CAD.

More snap functions – for when you are trying to build that complex scene:

Our competition might say that you don't need all of these... Why? Because they don't have them! CAD drafting pros have been using these types of tools for 20+ years because they work.

While our competitors try to convince you that their software is as powerful as a true CAD system, our customers know better. It doesn't matter whether you work in a 2D plan view or need to work on a complex scene in 3D, MapScenes Forensic CAD will give you the power and tools you need, when you need them. 

Editing commands to work with objects:

All these commands exist to solve problems you might have when constructing a true 3D (or 2D) drawing. All real drawing programs have these commands (AutoCAD, Microstation, and MapScenes).

It is easy to say you don't need these commands, if you don't have them. Our competition doesn't.

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